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Monday, July 28, 2014

RB's A Mess; Gaffney's A Patriot

Tyler Gaffney's tenure as a Panther was short.

He didn't practice before camp because Stanford's on a quarter system instead of semester; why that matters, I don't know.  But, he finally got on the field for Fan Fest (held at the beginning of camp, not as a game-warmup a week ahead of preseason as normal), apparently tore his meniscus on his first play.

Season done.

So, in one of the dumber rules of the NFL, players have to be put through waivers when they're intended to go on injured reserve.

And the Patriots claimed him.  To keep his rights, they have to roster him; if they waive him, Carolina could reclaim him, but for now, consider him done.  And consider Bill Belichick a rotten prick, within the rules or not.

So, with Gaffney now a Pat, and Jonathan Stewart nursing a hamstring, Carolina has the exact backs it did last year.

Technically that's not fully true - they signed RB Fozzy Whitaker. 5'10, 200, Whitaker had 2 TDs for the Browns last year; he started 2 of 11 games with 28 carries (2.8 avg) and 21 rec (7.4 avg and the two scores).  Undrafted in 2012, he was on the Cardinals practice squad a few games and spent a few moments with the Chargers in '13 before the Browns.  Whitaker is fast, and when healthy for the Texas Longhorns, provided impact.   In 2011, he had a 42 yard average on kick returns.

But, I don't know that he's more than a scatback type, and I'll be damned if we didn't have a guy with a lot of talent not carrying the ball from scrimmage, so who knows.  Either way, no Stewart for a few weeks (minimum) and no Gaffney forever, that fairly well blows.
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