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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Miscellaneous Nonsense

Kelvin Benjamin's signed his 4 year deal, and I don't know.  That's hardly newsworthy anymore.  Five of the six are signed unless I missed Trai Turner's deal, but with months to go and a structure in place, it doesn't matter.  There really aren't holdouts in the current CBA situation.  So I haven't reported it, finding it by itself more or less not useful.

Cam Newton's not on the cover of Madden '15, coming in second (again).  That's more interesting depending on where you fall on the Madden Curse.  Luke Kuechly's been on a number of ads for the game as well.

People are talking about Colin Kaepernick's deal.  Not unlike Jay Cutler's, it's clear how teams are setting it up to make players inherently cuttable. I think Newton's going to get tons of money - and Carolina's basically putting that decision off, hoping inflation on QB deals will slow while they take another year or two to get the cap right.  It's definitely a gamble.

Steve Smith suggests he would've made 2014 a farewell year.   It's another thing that can go either way - the changes made around Cam Newton could've included Smith, of course - having Kelvin Benjamin and Jason Avant or Jerricho Cotchery, along with Tiquan Underwood, would probably be "better" on paper (Steve Smith is better than either Avant/Cotchery, even if the fit, the efficiency, the volatility are all for the team's better in current state).  Having a legitimate big receiver, and a slot guy - something that Brandon LaFell played at in both cases, and did neither well - would help Smith.

But that's the thing.  We're helping Cam Newton, not Steve Smith.  We're running Mike Shula's offense, not Steve Smith's.  It's Ron Rivera's get the point.   And I think that's why Smith is a Raven.

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