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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chandler, Addison, and Jones Get Extended

OT Nate Chandler signed a 3 year extension - DE Mario Addison and S
Colin Jones were signed to 2 year extensions.

Chandler is easy - a UDFA DT turned starting OT, he was going into his
final year. Chandler's also no small part a pat on the back from the
team, to the team - they take pride in salvaging an OL out of him after
he was outside the bubble when they revamped his old position. Fixing
DT with the byproduct of getting a starting OL out of the deal isn't so
shabby, especially if he plays LT competently. There's no downside to
cheaply adding to his contract.

You can play the "what if" game on Addison, regarding the drafting of
Kony Ealy, and the presence of the two high paid ends ahead of them.
Short-term, it probably has more impact on the former 4th rounder Frank
Alexander, going into year 3 and suspended for the first four games of
the year - Addison has security. With the starting pair of Charles
Johnson and Greg Hardy, with Ealy behind and Addison long-term, you have
Wes Horton versus Alexander and a few others fighting for a possible 5th
spot (though there's no guarantee they'd keep 5 ends). It never hurts
to have Addison longer, if you're dropping Johnson or Hardy later on,
but you still do that based on merit and overall fiscal concern.

Addison's additional value comes in special teams. While he pitched in
25% of DE snaps (tough on this team), he added 70% of special teams
snaps, in a total play count equal to many starters. That likely
throws him on all units excepting kickoff. At 260 lbs, you don't get
on that many units without there being merit.

Jones is intriguing. The team played up his ability as a defender, but
his value has always been best at special teams (he played 33 snaps on
defense, but 73% of special teams). Sub-4.4 speed lets you kick the
mess out of a punt; having a 210 lb frame keeps you from being blocked
out as easily. Being a safety gives you the tackling ability to make
things happen with all that speed. Adding two years to Jones extends
the investment of a 7th, traded in 2012 (I believe it came from '13).

Three (hopefully) inexpensive deals to add that crucial depth past
rookie contracts. No real downside here. Also the first time that Dave
Gettleman's really reached out to existing players and extended them.
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