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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WR - Common Theme

Carolina's addition of Kelvin Benjamin really altered the fabric of the
receiver group - in a good way. In most ideals, Benjamin is the polar
opposite of the lunchpail type receivers (Jason Avant, Jerricho
Cotchery) whose value comes in doing the smallest things well. Benjamin
is still learning the position, so the dependability, the efficiency
won't be there.

However, one thing the group as a whole seems to have in common? They
have experience with a running QB and/or a guy who has experience
extending plays. Absolutely, Michael Vick is the prototype, but you
can't discount Ben Roethlisberger either. Both QBs have some
escapeability, and that requires a wide receiver who can be flexible
along the way. Benjamin's 2013 was with a runner in Jameis Winston, so
it's not a foreign concept.

And all three will have to mold together to fill Cam Newton's own

Tiquan Underwood stands out as an exception. He's bounced around, and
while he spent some time with Josh Freeman, I don't know I'd single him
out about making it happen with a scrambler. It's not that he can't do
it, it's just a small sample size.

Either way, it's just another example of a situation where the current
WRs might not be as flashy, they don't have past success here in
Carolina, but they have a significant amount of 'fit' to the system and
what the team wants to do.
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