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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Draft Exercise

I do this every year, but I don't publish it often. With the vets set and the final rankings in for most every player, it's a good time to do a final one.  Lacking a lot else to say, here we go:

You pick out a draft ranking, and you don't pick guys before your spot (i.e., assume the top 27 are gone for the 28 pick).  It's easier if you don't look too far ahead. 

Starting here:

28.  Kyle Fuller, CB - I've been warming to this pick for a while.  It makes a lot of sense.  With Lee going right ahead of Carolina, and having a small concern about Morgan Moses' supposed stiffness, Fuller is an intriguing pick.  

60.  Jordan Matthews, WR - I hear Matthews on the tip of Dave Gettleman's tongue when he talks about guys who catch a ton of passes but a lot of them are screens.  He or Davante Adams, the other WR I'd find interesting here.   Of the two, I think Matthews is more pro ready, has a fuller route tree, and is studied enough that he can make a difference with Carolina's vets around him, where a lot of kids aren't ready enough to get off the bench.  There's some concern about Matthews' hands that I wasn't aware of, but he graded out well there in '13, and he's the only senior in a glut of underclass at WR. 

92.  Jack Mewhort, OT - I liked him and Turner.  I find Turner less talented.  Mewhort is a tough guy who gets devalued because he's not LT enough or RT enough, to parse.  Screw it, he's a good lineman.  I think he's one of your best 5 and he helps you.  That's enough for a 3rd.  Stanley Jean-Baptiste would've been great but Fuller kinda pops any other defender picks for this exercise. 

128. Dri Archer - I dunno.  Something about him stands out. It's not just speed.  He'd be a project at WR, and the team has some time there.  I think he could be a special returner. 

168.  James Hurst, OT - I don't think he'll be there, at all.  I see him in the 3rd.  But, twist my arm, I'll take him here.

28.  JaWuan James, OT - almost took Ealy.  James is the trendy OT down this far, and I sell him on his size at LT. A team like this can get by with a little less polish as a pass blocker for sheer force. 

60.  Marcus Smith, DE - speedy rusher to throw a wrench into things (and, doesn't necessarily force the choice of Johnson or Hardy, since he's neither guy).  

Matthews was gone, as was Moncrief (a less polished but more vertical option). Mewhort is taken a bit early and not needed. 

92.  Jared Abberderis, WR - Archer was there (too early), I like Kevin Norwood, but Abberderis has a fairly polished history and might be a success if he can start working out a bit better.  Another boring underneath guy. 

128. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OT - very intriguing Canadian size/strength/athleticism prospect.  Why not? 

168.  Russ Cockrell, CB - just need a guy.  He's not going to struggle mentally as hard.  Maybe that's a simplification.

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