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Monday, May 12, 2014

Rick Factors

The draft is over, so the inevitable "attack it from all angles" bit is
coming. In this case, I'll go line by line and just see

*Kelvin Benjamin
High Risk, with high reward.
All first round WR have some issues here, but specifically there are a
few risk factors here. He's a long-strider so who knows about whether
he'll ever have crisp routes. He's inexperienced (one great year, two
total) but 23, so he'd be 28 going into his second contract. His issue
with drops are correctable as is most of the on-field stuff. I don't
think Benjamin will bust, at the least he's a guy who'll prove an
interesting jump ball, short, and redzone player, but you never know.

*Kony Ealy
Low Risk
He seems to do most things well. You can't always get linemen to
correct lower for leverage, and I don't know what the future holds for
him with playing time or who he'll be with. But, if he doesn't improve,
he's a solid edge rusher who stays at home, plays the run. A four year
rental on a young guy like that is fiscally incredible. If he corrects
the leverage and adds pass rush moves, he has a high ceiling with low

*Trai Turner
Low Risk
He's a somewhat raw lineman with SEC success, who could be plugged in
but still has competition. I can't see any downside, other than that
he's not a tackle. He's probably not going to make as many mistakes as
the other young guys Carolina has drafted around him, and he's the
highest drafted lineman Carolina has picked in six years.

*Tre Boston
Medium Risk
My biggest concern with him as a player isn't something I can speak to -
reading that he's vocal but not always positively, you can correct that,
but in the heat of the moment, you never know.

*Bene Benikwere
Medium Risk
I just don't know him well. He was rated somewhat low for my tastes,
and he's a guy that Carolina might need now more than Boston, but he's
not physically as ready, needs to get in the weight room a bit. They
say he's cerebral, and I'm heartened by the conversations with Steve
It's high risk as to whether I'll spell his name right. Might have it
wrong now.

*Tyler Gaffney
Low Risk
Only problem is getting him snaps. Doesn't seem to be much downside to
this player. He's the safe type of RB to pick, they'd already picked
the risky type last year.

*being a running back:
high risk. Backs used to get good draft slotting and then that second
contract was, at best, risky. Now they can't even go in the first
round. The NFL is doing its best to aid the QB and WR, as their values
skyrocket. Running backs take 20 hard hits a game and the best they get
is you can't spear them, and apparently you don't need to pay them.

*Trading up
low risk.
I don't know if this is ever an exceptional idea, but it's becoming
lower cost. Not a lot of teams got profit out of trades, and even
though San Francisco traded down a ton, they ended up with simply a few
more lottery tickets. The Washington/St. Louis trade in 2012 was one of
the more lucrative in history, but since then, nothing really high end
the last few years excepting the Buffalo trade up that cost them a
future first.
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