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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nothing To Say

I'm probably going to update less over the next few weeks. It's
actually - finally - the offseason, after a playoff run and the longest
post-season period in recent history between Super Bowl and draft.

Carolina's busy with signing picks, where they have everyone up to Tre
Boston signed, leaving just the top 3 to pick up, and far as I know,
they have the room now with the Charles Godfrey deal.

Cam Newton's supposedly out of his boot, and doing well. Greg Hardy's
deal appears to be unlikely to be renegotiated or extended, but his law
troubles might be overblown.

So there are, technically, no shoes to drop for a while. I could write
about some other nonsense - I actually have a deadline to meet for
someone else soon on unrelated matters - but for right now, Kelvin
Benjamin and the F-post might have to wait. If there's a rare shot that
anyone does want to read that or anything else right now, I'll pop it
out, though.
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