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Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Assistant DB Coach

Curtis Fuller has joined the Panthers' coaching staff.

The former NFL DB - including time with the Panthers at the end of his career - is now the defensive assistant/DBs.   That puts him in under Steve Wilks, the team's DBs coach and Passing Defense guru.

Not unlike the John Ramsdell signing, there's only a picture up on the team site (though I can't credit myself on finding this one).

As a player, Fuller received a degree in psychology and a Master's in liberal arts at TCU before being drafted in the fourth round by Seattle (2001-02) and spending time with the Packers (03-04) before his six games in Carolina (04).

Fuller (who's oldest child is named Carolina, though I'd assume that independent to his time here unless it's one of those "your name is Savannah because we spent a weekend there when you were conceived" type things - in which case a number of my friends' pending children will be named Ice Storm) spent time with Raiders on special teams (2007), was a defensive coordinator in Texas for a year (2008), spent a year in Green Bay as a coaching administrator ('09) and was an assistant DBs coach there ('10).   He spent a year with the Titans assisting DBs in 2011.

According to the media guide, Fuller was Administrative Assistant to the coaching staff in '13, but I can't find if he was there in 2012.  His addition to the full-time staff likely comes with a lot of data mining type quality control experience, as well as work on the field and in the coaches' booth.   Carolina didn't have an official assistant DBs coach under Ron Rivera (John Fox kept two DBs coaches throughout his tenure), though Bobby Babich was an unlisted assistant who left for the Browns in '13 (and may currently be unemployed).

Since the media guide is not out and Carolina doesn't list the admin position on their website, no idea if there's a replacement for Fuller.
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