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Friday, May 9, 2014

Lee or Benjamin? And, The Next Pick

There seems to be a narrative nationally about Marquise Lee possibly being the better receiver.  I had a few reservations about both guys...Lee was rated higher on the internet, but apparently not in Carolina.  Lee had his detractions too (he may have been the guy Gettleman mentioned as catching a ton of short balls), so I'm OK with Benjamin over Lee.  Dave Gettleman likes Hog Mollies and TD catchers, and in a way, Benjamin is the most Hog Molly receiver ever.

What's less certain, to me, is whether the team did truly take the best player. With a lot of WR, the top 4 OT, and a number of DB gone, it would've appeared it would be easier to go elsewhere.  DE Kony Ealy was there, for instance.  But nothing else interesting dropped.

Lee wasn't interesting, and Benjamin definitely is - he's a freak, with a high ceiling. But, not a sure thing.

Separate from everything that the 2013 draft was, Benjamin is raw and young, a redshirt sophomore after drafting nothing but seniors last year.

Now, OT - Kouandijo, Moses, and Bitonio are there, though somewhat unexpectedly, James isn't.   So still some value left at tackle.  Corner still has some life, too.
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