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Friday, May 9, 2014

Kelvin Benjamin!

So I missed the pick for the first time in two decades. As Jenny Lewis sang toward the encore, I read the pick. How bizarre, delightful, a modestly drunken mess. One of my favorite moments ever, learning the pick as it happened but enjoying a ton of live music concurrently.

Kelvin Benjamin is a massive, raw receiver.  I love the pick, though you would want him to have time to grow into it...he's a guy who might play 400 snaps, but not 1000. He's a good guy in the slot, but the team has two precise slot guys.

So, he's an outside guy. An X receiver on a team that doesn't have much of one, which might be his in.  

But for that to happen, he has to become more precise. He'll have to maximize the deeper opportunity, the corner route, the Bang-8 (think Michael Irvin), the fly.  His shorter stuff ought suffer a bit from the leak of short area quickness until the routes get sharper.

I'm not unhappy. This is a good pick. 
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