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Friday, May 9, 2014

Hog Molly: a 3 Round Retrospective

So far, after 3 picks, Carolina has added 823 lb of player, an average of 273 lbs (so, I guess Kony Ealy is the average).

Dave Gettleman didn't mess around when suggesting, in '13, that he liked the hog mollies. And each of these three players have above average size, to a point (Thomas is, I guess, average, but mass at G is less the point than having strong lines).

Since a tackle pick still seems inevitable, there's a good chance that Carolina will continue adding size.

It's needed.  I felt like, after 2010, this wasn't a successful team - after 2011, it was a team that had an identity, but not a tough one. It ran the ball well, but it didn't succeed at the hard yards, just took a lot of easy ones.  2013, the passing game bore out those tough yards, and the defense added physicality, but the O?  Not as much.  They ran the ball somewhat well and got the necessary 3rd down yards in the pass game, but the O needs to be nastier to do that against good defenses.

I think they're on their way with that now.

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