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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Draft Wrapup

And that's the draft.

Sorry for the day delay - this being the part that might actually be valuable to some.

I find an encouraging theme in this draft.  They're adding talent, almost without concern to the need in some cases.  Benjamin, Ealy, Turner are fantastic picks.  Are they starters right now?  Possibly Turner, but in reality, the others aren't yet.  They have the ability, but I think circumstantially both have more value in smaller doses for now, and learning from some of the top-flight pros on this team.

 I look at the boost wanted in the passing game, and I'm somewhat pleased.  I think Benjamin's deep game in this offense is under-rated, and that's something you can work into a game.  I can't wait to see his physicality and watch him turn into something more.

Ealy keeps the strength strong, provides a safeguard against both the pass rush from waning, and like it or not, a safeguard against the cap issues that it currently brings.

Turner and Gaffney provide some stability to an under-stable set of issues in the run game, where things took a bit of a dive.  The 2011,12 teams didn't run the ball well, though - they had some massive breakaways, and took advantage of deep coverage, but I never felt like it could really gain consistent yards, so maybe the reliance with the '13 team didn't actually change much.

Nonetheless, they're a pair that could cheaply, when asked, provide some sustain to those drives.  Turner seems like a big-conference version of the small-school knockdown guys that Carolina had already thrown in the last few drafts.

They got their corners, though in a circuitous route. Benwikere and Boston make a bit more sense with Charles Godfrey going to corner (though, quietly, it appears, he'll have the first shot at the nickel). Boston makes more sense with Godfrey moving, as well.   Of course, both picks felt like needs more than best player, and the trade up backs that, too.

The sore spot of course - for the run game, for the passing game, s the lack of a tackle.  Turner's pick moves, definitively, Garry Williams out to OT, and he did better at G than I expected.  But I don't know if he's good enough to be a RT, he's a right side player and he's definitely not moving to left.  I feel like the talent is all at G-C-G, and the team is making do at OT.  So that's something that, I guess I'll just have to see what happens.  For now, it's unnerving.  Maybe Nate Chandler saves the day again?

They didn't do the OT-WR-CB by need thing.  They didn't like the OTs available (Morgan Moses fell a round, and Antonio Richardson and James Hurst both fell out of the draft entirely), but if none were better, they'd still have competition they don't have.

But, the talent level goes up, I guess. I like that much, that's the intent.
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