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Friday, May 9, 2014

double down?

Carolina isn't averse to the pick pairing of the double down.

I don't know that the snaps are there, short term, to add another guy who might not contribute right away.

But, you never know. And there are options.

Marquise Lee is obviously there. I always saw him as more complimentary, and if for some reason he kept falling, absolutely he'd be the best player (despite throwing in the pick so fast, Dave Gettleman did suggest the choice may have been between them).

Jordan Matthews makes sense at the Z receiver, and he's more ready short term.Same for Allen Robinson.  Cody Latimore adds size and speed, as does Donte Moncrief.

still need a tackle though.

I am back from travel and off my tablet by tonight, so more updates near pick 60, And hopefully fewer typos.
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