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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Around The Draft: More WRs

With a few days to go, I'm going to throw up some miscellaneous receivers that might come in handy by the time the big guys are gone.  I still believe that Dave Gettleman did reach for Ed Kugbila after taking a pair of (in need) guys that fit best player available, and who knows.  Maybe we need a WR at that point.  Hard to say, but here are some later guys.

Alabama's Kevin Norwood is intriguing.  6'2, 200, 4.44, seems to do it all well in summary - good routes, good body control, good hands,

Norwood is 25, which drops his value (he has a Master's degree and is a reliable, mature player however). He never led the team in receiving, he's been only somewhat productive in a good scheme with a good QB. He's not strong (8 reps x225) and doesn't play physically strong, he's not doing well at outmuscling for the ball and he's going to have to play press if he's ever good enough - so he'll have to get to work in the weight room.

He reminds me of Jason Avant to a point, and there's nothing wrong with that.  I have him around the 4th, as a guy who can play inside or outside.

Brandon Coleman of Rutgers is completely a size prospect - 6'6, 225 - who has adequate long speed (4.52) and might fit in as the poor man's version of Kelvin Benjamin.   You get the long-striding, huge frame, you get a lack of top end speed, and not as much physicality as you might hope for (though he did do 21 x 225 on the bench, so he's not weak); Coleman can do the post up type moves, and he's good deep (almost 19 yards per catch).  You can see some of that Alshon Jeffery in him, but the shorter routes might not be as good.  That's a concern - you want to see anyone run a full route tree, but if you're a big guy without a ton of speed and the short routes aren't good, you just play off and recover.

I have Coleman around the 5th - you never know with exaggerated measurables guys, he could go in the 3rd or not be drafted.

Then I have Josh Huff.  Oregon, who's pushed a lot of Panthers lately (since 07, J.Stewart, D. Rosario, G. Schwartz, K. Barner, and via free agency this year, Ed Dickson).  Huff in a better year might be higher - 4.46 speed, no real size or strength deficiency (5'11, 205, 14 reps).  He's a fluid athlete and strong blocker, physical ball carrier.  He's bounced around a bit - inside, outside, backfield - and the only real weakness, unfortunately, is hands.  He works at it, he makes some really tough catches, but sometimes the concentration isn't there.

 So, three guys who could be high end, but are also projects.
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