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Friday, May 9, 2014

92: Trai Turner, G, LSU

Carolina's third round pick is LSU guard Trai Turner.

An intriguing pick, Turner is a powerful RG and a good value, at a position of potential need.  I feel like Carolina needed a tackle more, and Turner is a guard with apparently some center skill as well.

6'3, 310 lb mauling RG, with a solid amount of athleticism (4.91 40?) and best 10-yard split in the position.  He's a knockdown type guard who punishes defenders, not unlike the college tape of the two guards drafted in the top 120 in the last two drafts - Amini Silatolu and Ed Kugbila - except this is against the SEC, instead of non-Division1 opponents.

Interesting to see how that flashes out - my first instinct is Garry Williams and Nate Chandler are at RT for the time being.   It's not as if Carolina didn't start a ton of different RG, and this should help the run game.  Carolina's tended toward the knockdown G who can also move, and he's another just like that.

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