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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hardy Contract: Reading Tea Leaves

Greg Hardy has been given a $1.3 million advance on his 2014 salary.

I hate to get spooked on the potential meaning, but does this make a
longterm contract this year unlikely?

Consider - Hardy signing his franchise tender means he went from having
a placeholder that guaranteed Carolina his rights, to a one year
contract for that value. You can negotiate a long term deal, but you
can only touch a contract once a year. You can't renegotiate more than

I don't know if franchise amounts allow for advances, but if the method
they used was to take 10% of his salary and turn it into signing bonus,
they've used up that renegotiation. Which makes a longterm contract
impossible to deal with this year.

Hopefully, that's not the case. Now, I don't suggest that I think that
keeping Hardy longterm is the only way that Carolina can succeed, but
I'm not sure if kicking the ball back a year is the best way to go,
either - paying him this much with one excellent year and not much else,
it's risky. Carolina doesn't have a lot of money to risk. Many suggest
that a long-term deal on Hardy means doom for Charles Johnson, and I
definitely don't want that - there's not a ton of room to play with, and
Johnson isn't a star in traditional terms, but hes

And, hopefully I'm wrong. I don't know that this is the case - if
there's anything in the new CBA, perhaps, that makes this advance a
possibility. First I'd hear of it, though. If there's not a limit to
negotiations, Carolina has until July 15 to continue negotiations. A
longterm deal puts more on the future cap but provides security and
would assumedly lower the current cost of having Hardy on roster.
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