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Friday, April 11, 2014

Decoud Signs, Two Years

Thomas Decoud is now a Panther, assumedly for two years.  The deal is a 2 year deal that's worth as much as $3.75 million, with $500,000 guaranteed. 

There's no information at this point whether the team processed the signing bonus in the recent trend of adding dummy years, i.e., $500,000 over five years that would prorate $100,000 each season and therefore count $300,000 in the third year when the contract ends.

If not, chances are it's a basic deal that would include roughly $1 million in 2014, $250,000 of that bonus, $1.5 million or so in 2015 (plus the other half of that bonus proration), and potentially incentives to cover the remaining $750,000. 

Keep in mind that's 100% a guess.  I have no clue, the only thing we know is that Adam Schefter says 2 years, $500k guaranteed, and up to $3.75 million total. $2 million a year isn't bad at all.

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