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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Around The Draft: Scott Crichton

60 prospects, 60 days, Around the Draft in 60 days (again, I got busy at
80). I'm a couple of days behind, and so I'm grinding out an extra now
and again.

Scott Crichton is a big end in the mold of Charles Johnson (you might
see where I'm going with that, unfortunately). 6'3, 273, and not
incredibly fast (4.84), but with decent closing speed and exceptional
short speed (a top 4.29 shuttle - consider WR Kelvin Benjamin, albeit a
massive receiver, ran a 4.39 short shuttle). I'll get past his speed
soon, but he has a good first step. He's not going to beat you across
the edge all the time, but it's enough that you still have to set wide
around him. He doesn't have that rare body bend that lets him get ideal
leverage on the outside.

He plays with power but I don't know that he has enough moves to make
use of his size yet. With his size and motor, he's the type that should
be able to square up on a tackle and have a range of things to use to
get pressure, but so far, he's just an outside rush guy.

He plays the run well, and depending on who you ask, he'll get down the
line fast; he gets negative marks at times for contain discipline.

A redshirt junior, Crichton started three years, being productive - with
22.5 sacks and 10FF. He's a good-story guy who supposedly had to leave
school to support his family (parents are Western Samoan immigrants; mom
works two jobs, dad works one despite having one leg). Hard worker who
came to school small and worked hard to get bigger.

Obviously, Carolina has Johnson and Greg Hardy. A pick at end supposes
that Carolina either wants to put money into Hardy and eventually phase
out Johnson, or that they don't want to pay Hardy longterm. This pick,
from a need standpoint, is more Charles Johnson - a high-strip player
who needs to get the technique down and use his power, and get the run
stopped as well. If the team dropped Hardy eventually, you'd want a
more athletic, even smaller guy. Demarcus Lawrence type guy. But
Lawrence doesn't have that speed you want in a 250-260 lb guy, and there
are honestly more big ends in this draft's middle.

I don't want Johnson to go - I'd definitely prefer the two sides work
out something if Hardy did stay, to ensure that they can keep that
intact. Both sides giving up just a little (Johnson's on year 4 of 6,
and since he was such a young draftee, he's got a high experience to age
ratio along with productivity). But, if you were to pinpoint a contract
to phase out, it could be Johnson's.
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