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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Around The Draft: Morgan Moses

Virginia OT Morgan Moses is the latest in this nonsense attempt at 60
prospects within the two months before the draft.

Moses is an imposing lineman, posessing ideal size and good strength.
Measuring at 6'6 and, in the process of workouts somewhere between 315
and 330, he nonetheless has quick feet, a good first step, and has good
technique in pass protection. There's no question in my mind he can be
a high-level left tackle for pass protection purposes, and he has the
size to be a good run blocker, including tenacity to fight to the
whistle. He's a massive player to get around, and he has no problems
with inside or outside moves, mirroring quick guys and stoning big guys.

He does struggle a bit with the inside-outside moves, so I don't know
how well he'll get setup for that one move a game. He has to get a
little better at the second level, where he's not very low on the move -
but that's tough, and while LTs do block down on the DT or have to go
seek out a LB sometimes, it's not the biggest deal to me.

There's some internet concern over his weight, and certianly when I see
he'd weighed in at one point at 315 I was surprised. Apparently his
history at UVA includesa time at 350 and he may have gotten larger than
that. A 330+ lb tackle has some concern when it's not coming with
proper workouts. That part reminds me too much of the Bryant McKinnie
issue, and while he pitched in some good work with the Ravens toward the
end, McKinnie could've saved himself a lot of heartache along the way

That concern aside - and the rookie contract situation might alone take
care of that, wherein a successful millionaire adult has more motivation
and sense than a high school senior version of that player - Moses seems
right now to be the most likely player in my mind at the 28 pick. He's
rated right around there, he fits what I've seen of OT picks in this
scheme and by OL coach John Matsko, and the OL is the greatest need. If
he were there, he's not a steal, but he's the player I'd assume Carolina
to choose based on need. I think this pick would go a long way toward
creating the offense Carolina anticipates having.
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