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Monday, April 14, 2014

Around The Draft: Michael Schofield, Matt Patchan

I'm attempting to knock out 60 prospects in the 60 days before the
draft, out of players that could be picked between the late first and
late third round picks Carolina posesses. I apparently took a weekend
break from these, so I might knock out a few today.

Today's prospects? Michael Schofield, of Michigan, and Matt Patchan,
Boston College. Both are lighter players, and both come in on the late
3rd-mid 4th round, so I'll compare and contrast the two to Carolina's

Schofield played in the shadow of his high first round teammate, Taylor
Lewan, next to him for a year at LG, and across from him at RT for 26
games. Schofield played some snaps at LT with Lewan hurt, but most of
his time was at RT. His ability to play LT is hard to say - he has the
height/length for it, a wide base, and he seems to have good feet on
tape. But some of the reports I read disagree - they say his feet are
heavy, and that he's better at guard. I would worry, in the wrong
scheme, if he could get leverage at guard with his height.

He has good power, can anchor, so he has that going for him at any
position. He looks aware of rush schemes and doesn't get fooled, so he
has that at any position. he seems to struggle with where he puts his
hands, so he could attract too many holding calls. But, he has the
versatility to be thrown in a lot of places, so if you need depth, he
might be that sort of overachieving lineman that just finds his way on
the field. So far, that's how it's gone for him.

Patchan (6'6, 302) fits the part with tons of athleticism and good
technique. ON the field he's reliable - has good feet, enough
toughness. But he can't stay on the field consistently - he's torn an
ACL, he's torn a pectoral, and he's fractured his wrist, each of which
ended his year. None of them are related, but you have to wonder on

He did have a good 2013 after transferring to BC from Florida, and he
stayed healthy that year, so he's the sort of guy who's on the upswing
because of it. A top prep prospect, he took six years to fully gain his
potential, and it's more on those five than the last one that's holding
him back. Because of that, he's a guy who could have second round
talent, but is a complete unknown and might end up a 5th rounder if
people get spooked.

The team can use either or both. Both players have their issues, but
could provide good value once their names are called.
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