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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around The Draft: Martavis Bryant

Next up on the seemingly endless run of prospects I intend to break down (25 to 85-ish overall) in the 60 days leading up to the draft is Martavis Bryant, WR from Clemson.

Bryant could be a randomly created profile of the various second tier receivers.  He fits the average profile in every way, with one exception – he’s tall.  6’4, with long arms.  That’s where Bryant stands out.  Now, he’s not thick like Kelvin Benjamin or Donte Moncrief, or other guys with a little height, so he’s not that imposing physically.  He has to add bulk to be a true threat.  For now, though from a size/speed standpoint, you’re getting a vertical athlete with legit 4.40 speed.  You’re getting a guy who can provide you high percentage of jump ball type situations. 

Now, if you want a full route tree, you’ll have to teach him how to do that.  Since he doesn’t do much there, the double move isn’t really in play, either.  He played in a very open offense that had an elite level receiver in Sammy Watkins, so he doesn’t know how to carry the full load.   In that open offense, he still only pitched in 42 catches (though it was for 800+ yards/7TD).  He makes the most of his opportunities, but he’s not going to be a guy who gets a ton of those opportunities.

The question with Bryant becomes – is he, in a best case scenario, Randy Moss or maybe Herman Moore?  or is he Donald Hayes, Stephen Hill, and that type?  Is he Tiquan Underwood?  Because Carolina has a more surehanded version of Bryant in Underwood, one that’s figured out already how to make a living doing his best with a few deep balls a game.  While Carolina does like a deep threat, they might not use one enough to have two on board.

Bryant’s ceiling is quite high.  With experience in hand already, they could sit on Bryant in the second and anticipate him filling out into the stouter, well rounded receiver they'll need in a year.  Whether there's enough to work with?  That's hard to say.  Right now, I'd say a Bryant pick would have a hard time getting off the bench for Carolina.
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