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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Around The Draft: Justin Verrett

CB Kyle Fuller is in town.  While visits are just a part of scouting – I would anticipate visits with anyone that’s not a QB, LB, or RB – I want to use it as a part of today’s ATD:60.  They’ve already met with CB Jason Verrett, who’s my subject of the day.

The TCU product is widely considered, along with Fuller, to be in range for Carolina’s 28 pick.  It’s an oddity, to a point, in a draft completely full (3 rounds worth) of underclassmen, that Verrett, Fuller, Darqueze Dennard, and Justin Gilbert are all seniors.   GM Dave Gettleman only drafted seniors last year, if there’s anything to that trend.

 Verrett isn’t quite as measured as the ideal Ron Rivera DB, at 5’10/180-190, but he has a lot to offer past that.  His combine 4.38 was blazing fast, he rated very high in the vertical, 3 cone, and the 20 yard shuttle.   He threw up 19 reps on the bench – and he plays physically strong.   That can be a good thing (he’s already strong) or a bad thing (he might be physically topped out, won’t ever be much more than 200 lbs), but I choose to look at it as a positive. 

But all that’s the meat market part of evaluation.  He shows good ball skills, good fluid backpedal and turn, and good instincts.  He’s somewhat more of a football player than just a corner – he’ll play special teams, he tackles well.   He doesn’t miss many assignments, and he attacks the ball well.   He’s an ideal slot guy who should be able to play outside as well. 

So, it appears if he were 6’1, he would be a top 20 pick.  But, as it stands, he’s the sort of guy who should be there at 28, and who knows, could fall a round behind some juniors who have greater measurables.

Carolina has the need for another corner, especially one that can play the slot.  Verrett would be an immediate hit on special teams, improve the secondary, and probably work his way into starting soon.  Carolina needs longevity at CB, where they have rolled in one year deal guys for a few years now.
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