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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Around The Draft: Ha-ha Clinton-Dix

Headlining the 2014 defensive back all-name team is Ha-Ha Clinton Dix,
given name Ha'Sean (not the point, but clearly Louchiez Purifoy and
Darqueze Dennard are on that not-real team too). He's the first truly
ridiculously named player I'll review for my Around The Draft in 60 Days

While he sounds like part of the famous all-star team on Key & Peele,
Clinton-Dix is an actual player. A top recruit out of Florida, he was a
starter for the National Champion 2012 team in Alabama and again in '13.
The 6'1, 210 lb free safety provides all the necessary ability, and
while he lacks as much top end speed, that's not as critical (4.58 at
combine) when added to his top shuttle times. He has quick change of
direction skill, good instincts and diagnostic ability to get to the
ball and make things happen there.

He comes out of an obviously talented, well coached team. He's used to
having elite talent around him, and he's used to being able to sit back
and diagnose. He's a football player, not just a cover guy. He fills
quickly, and securely, in the run game and hits hard.

He does have the ability to play the slot receiver, and while that's not
necessarily the reason you get him, if you did, you might hold off on a
corner for slot ability. It's rare, but it happens (Mike Minter started
out in the nickel).

That said, I like Calvin Pryor a little more. Both are rated in the
20-30 range by most internet outlets, with Clinton-Dix being more likely
to be rated higher. But Pryor's measurables are a little better, the
aggressiveness and football player mentality are still there, and I feel
like there's a little more potential in coverage ability.

Since Carolina has signed Thomas DeCoud, the need for a high pick at FS
is gone. This would be a Best Player Available type situation and since
possibly both will be there, I don't know that either will be BPA. The
draftnik in me would want a sleeper guy like Lonnie Ballentine of
Memphis to play the project role (at 6'3, 218, Ballentine ran a 4.40 40
and has a ton of size, has the length and ranginess Ron Rivera likes)
but he isn't a very polished or instinctive player. But, in the 5th -
7th, that's what this team needs from a backup standpoint, the current

They also have to figure out what to do with Charles Godfrey. So, from
a grocery list perspective, Clinton-Dix is not a top choice. If there
were a need, I think Pryor is a bit more explosive.
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