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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Around The Draft: Cameron Fleming

I'm doing 60 prospects in 60 days, though that process hasn't been as linear as I might hope.

Today's 25-to-85 rated prospect is Stanford OT Cam Fleming. He's not quite rated at 85 everywhere, and I've seen him past 100 as well.  But, he fits what Carolina needs in a lineman.

Fleming adds what you expect out of a right tackle - size (6'5, 322), good enough reaction off the snap, but slightly slower feet and a propensity for playing a little high. He's a good run blocker, inline or moving, and does well on the second level.  He seems to get the angles of the game and, as much as people try to pin the Jim Harbaugh coaching tree as WCO, it's not.  It's Coryell just as much as Carolina is.  Fleming essentially plays in this offense already.

He's the type you would figure to come out of Stanford, maybe not as nasty or mean as you might want but always gets it done.  He's coming out as a Junior because his degree's completed (aeronautics/astronautics), not because he's only chasing money.  His 38 starts are an exceptional sign for an underclassman.

As a fit here in Carolina, I think he makes a lot of sense.  In the third or fourth, this is as good as you can expect out of a lineman - experienced, smart, good technique and some physical limitations.  If the team does in fact push Byron Bell left, Fleming makes sense to compete at RT, where Carolina's drop scheme might help his slower feet and where his run blocking can flourish.
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