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Friday, April 11, 2014

Around The Draft: Bruce Ellington, Robert Herron

Today's installment of Around The Draft comes with a pair of similar receivers - Bruce Ellington and Robert Herron.  This pair of diminutive receivers pack a punch for their size, and might get overlooked for it, but both have a significant amount of talent.

Ellington has some Steve Smith in him.  Small (5'9, 297) but plays big, built bigger than his height (wingspan, chest, hands), has plenty of speed, and a little bit of a wildcard.  Ellington didn't have to do everything at South Carolina, he had a limited route tree and had some freedom to freelance, so that's a Ricky Proehl situation.  This offense would give him some room to make some reads, but it also requires a good route runner.  Despite that speed, he doesn't have that extra burst, that top gear so to speak, you hope for from a burner, so he's gotta get those routes better.

Ellington also has just a bit of Julius Peppers in his history - he played basketball, so you have that 'focus' question to whether he'd really improve working on just football, or whether the drive is there to do it.  Have no clue on that one, I'm not going to judge him for being a two sport college star.

Herron (5'9, 193) played for small school Wyoming, but came up big against good competition.  He's tough, a better blocker than Ellington, but shares the open-offense curse of getting a lot of his yards on the drags, screens, and the go.  His routes seem a little better, but again this might be a limited situation. I don't know that he can or can't, he just hasn't been asked to do it.

He advances the ball like a running back, and has experience there; he can provide a RB like burst and elusiveness.  The league really hasn't found a lot of need for a Percy Harvin type player, and it took a while for Brian Schottenheimer to figure out what to do with a far superior Tavon Austin.

Both players have a lack of height, enough speed to make things happen, and their tape has limitations to how it can be applied as a pro.  I like the ideal of either guy in Carolina, but it's to where I don't know if either would make it on the field much.  Neither are great return specialists, and routes being a potential concern, it will be tough to get off the bench if you're not as efficient as a lot of the vets.
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