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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Around The Draft: Billy Turner

This is the latest in my 60 days, 60 prospects countdown to the 2014 Draft, encompassing guys that rate in the neighborhood of 25-85 around the time I'm writing.

Today's future milloinaire is Billy Turner, OT from North Dakota State.  He looks the part (look the part, be the part motherfucker!) at 6'5, 315, and is a four year starter (44 games at LT, 12 at RT).  He's got prototypically light feet, good athleticism, and he's smart from what I can tell.  Scouts in multiple places, since I haven't and likely would never meet Turner, give praise for on-field demeanor, toughness, and aggression.  He's eager, energetic, and angry.

The downside?  It appears scouts don't love that he's high cut and leaner on the low end (built more TE than G), which means he could have some trouble anchoring against the bullrush or against the run if he's asked to block down.  So, as you get toward the third round, you find guys like this.  Really athletic, can protect well, but might not block against the run as well.  He might be somewhat limited in that phase.

But, he might not, too.  He looks like he's got room to grow, he's apparently tough and smart, I don't see a lot of downside. A significant amount of blocking comes from simple want, and he seems to get good leverage in college, so I don't know for certain he's not going to run block well.

He's not going to provide you much versatility - despite playing at RT, that feels more of an emergency situation; he gets to the second level well but he won't be that powerful at guard.

He might be a better fit where a team does more dumpoffs than runs, but if you want to cheaply protect Cam Newton's blind side, this is the best value out there. Possibly available in the third, definitely in the second, Turner's a bargain LT that this team could use.
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