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Monday, April 21, 2014

Around The Draft, Bashaud Breeland

CB Bashaud Breeland is the next in 60 within 60 (etc, etc).

The Clemson underclassman has the generic measurables (5'11, 200), a good vertical and shows athleticism on tape. So far, the concern has been a 4.62 40, which in corners essentially only means closing speed and deep speed.

He has the physicality to throw guys off their routes, which has masked or re-routed the speed concern, but no one's really freaking out about the 4.62.  Breeland hasn't shown it as a weakness.  Could make him fall, but not for the metrics-based crowd.

He's physical, but he plays better against non-physical guys (getting muscled v/s FSU). He's an active, aggressive guy with the ball in the air, and with the ball on the ground - he's a good tackler.  So hopefully the aggressive against aggressive receivers thing can be cleaned up.

He reminds me a lot of Josh Norman, but with better pedigree and the bit of stiffness that goes away with a major school prospect (at least in this case).   Relatedly, I don't know if Norman's biggest issue, freelancing, is necessarily an issue if you consider Breeland was a top performer on a Brent Venables defense.

So, if you can overlook the 4.62, and hope he can cleanly bang with a Vincent Jackson, I think in this case you get a corner who can play the ball, play the run, and can play well blitzing.  I don't have a good feel for him in the slot, the current need, however.
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