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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Look In Carolina's War Room?

Dave Gettleman's presser opens with a few disclaimers, and then they dig right into the stuff that everyone glosses over.  The staffing details.

But I find it interesting. And I especially find it interesting that coaches seem to have a more limited role than in the past.

The initial meetings involved Ron Rivera, Gettleman, college scouting director Don Gregory and his staff, and Brandon, assumedly Director of Football Operations Brandon Beane.

He then goes on to say that the coaches present players they've scouted, and that's added to the process. But there's less suggestion of whether the assistants will have much input overall, a mild departure from (at least the early parts of) Marty Hurney.

And yet, there's a suggestion that Beane IS involved.

Unknown up to Hurney's firing to almost everyone and that includes me, who knows more about front office stuff than is really necessary or useful, Beane had been painted as a guy Hurney liked and wanted to groom, but had essentially zero experience.

Beane has been mentioned exactly once since Gettleman fully settled in - that he and Team Administration director Rob Rogers had gone to an advanced statistics conference (the name slips me right now).  The idea that he's in on putting together the board is interesting, if nothing else.  It doesn't speak to his actual role with the team (Rogers would assumedly still be the contracts guy).

Gettleman goes on to eventually mention Pro Scouting guy Mark Koncz as putting together the needs list, and I'd imagine that he'll be in the room (honestly there's nothing that says the assistant coaches won't be either - at minimum you would expect coordinators).
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