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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mitchell, Senn Gone; Hangartner Retired

Mike Mitchell and Jordan Senn have moved on in the first day of free agency, many reports show.

Mitchell, a Steeler now, signed a 5 year, $25 million deal.  Assumedly, he'll play next to Troy Polamalu, playing FS.  Senn is now a Bear and, like here, is expected to play mostly special teams.

Geoff Hangartner, a 2005 draft pick who spent most of his career with the team, retired.  Having been replaced as a starter at the beginning of 2013 by being cut, he returned when the team got hit (hard) by the injury bug at G and C.  He likely wasn't returning to the team anyway, and friend Jordan Gross has retired.

Travelle Wharton is expected to consider it as well, but like the other two, isn't under contract in Carolina.

Still nothing yet on Steve Smith.  A trade rumor has sustained, including one that could include 3 total teams.
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