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Friday, March 28, 2014

Keeping Strengths Strong: Offense

Carolina's flown the banner of keeping strengths strong often in the
past year - when talking about throwing two DTs on the pile last year,
adding linebackers. When it came to keeping Greg Hardy, once they had
the deed to him for the year, it was a heavy dose of the same.

Offensively, I see that trend. I still don't like Ron Rivera's
insistence that they only need to replace 10 receptions, but I get
that's what they feel they need. They won't suddenly become a team
chucking the ball 40 times again. The offense last year wasn't good
enough, but it was the style of offense that worked best for the team.
If you have 20 WR targets or less, does a massive investment at WR make
as much sense? Or do you want guys who play those roles with high

So far, they've gotten two receivers with good hands. Guys that, in
that respect, will make the most of their opportunity. It's very
similar to their philosophy at DB, where they've gotten good,
inexpensive players at the cost of longevity. While keeping the strong
parts strong.

So with WR not being "the strength", obviously the run game is.

I don't believe in the idea of "this means this" when it comes to what
decision they'll make in the draft. But, from an overall standpoint,
keeping their strength strong means they need a lineman.

Garry Williams and Nate Chandler can play RT, I guess, if that's what
they're banking on, but I don't know if that makes the running game
stronger. So, crystal ball, that's what seems like the smart move right
now, if considering the strengths. They need good blocking for the run
game, and set up the pass from that. That's where they could use a
massive tackle in the first two rounds.

On the other hand, looking at the efficient, smart, make the best use of
your opportunities style WR (and they need another), you could argue
that Jordan Matthews makes a lot of sense, too. None of this matters-
they seem very stuck in the Best Player Available mode, and that's not a
bad way to go. Coincidentally, the strongest spots in the draft? WR
and OT.
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