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Friday, March 21, 2014

Joe Webb?

Carolina signed it's third player of the day in Joe Webb who will be a RECEIVER - wait, what? is that right? Quarterback?  What in the blue hell?

Allright.  Carolina signed quarterback Joe Webb today, its third player signing of the day and fifth in the week.

Webb was a college quarterback at Alabama-Birmingham, though he played some receiver as well - he started two years at QB, passing for more than 2000 yards and running for more than 1000 in each season.  His 6'4, 220 lb frame has prototype size, and his speed was somewhat translateable to WR.

The Vikings used him at QB when in need.  The upside?  He's great in Tuesday games.  Downside?  They don't play games on Tuesdays, and it's beyond me why the Vikings played the Eagles on a Tuesday.

Carolina cited his size/speed ability at quarterback and ability to do some of the things Cam Newton can.  Which is fine, but in the end the team has to also understand that Newton's value as a runner and passer comes in his ability to do both very well.  In a catstrophic situation where Webb would play in a real game, I don't understand the positive.  Is he going to just run the option over and over?

No matter, he's an interesting prospect to have around and the team didn't keep a 3rd QB last year.
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