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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm sad for the Bills tonight.

It hurt to watch them, as a young man, have almost a decade of massive success only to see it capped off by four consecutive Super Bowl losses.  I started out a Bills and 9ers fan, both bits of birthright that would give way to the eventually successful transplant or two.

It didn't hurt that the '95 Panthers, the first team I truly followed every second in offseason as well as season, had a ton of Bills.

Losing Ralph Wilson has to be crushing.  Only days before that, I saw Jim Kelly's cancer is spreading (talking about hitting home, we've been lucky in my home regarding that vile word, but nothing is ever really lucky with it).  Their best.  Their history.  Time is undefeated, isn't it?

It's a tough day for Buffalo.

And I won't have any choice but to watch Buffalo's franchise, and both wonder and worry about Jerry Richardson.  Wonder what's in store for this particular brand of laundry I'm rooting for.

There were details to the day, ouija boards to read from the GM's comments about our QB, our one real tackle, our FS, and so on.  Maybe tomorrow.
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