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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Around The Draft: Terrence Brooks

I'm hustling through 60 or so prospects in the 60 days leading up to the draft, prospects from 25 to 85 or so.  My views on draftable players who fit the need.  Let's dig in.

Terrence Brooks, a rangy safety from FSU, falls a bit because safety isn't a premier position, and you have to be an incredible prospect to be 5'11 at safety and be rated in the first round.  Brooks isn't, but he's an athletic, hard hitting, broad shouldered player who fits what Carolina does.

While Ron Rivera prefers taller (and so does everyone else at safety), Brooks is a filled out 200 lbs.  He has a good build for the spot, has athleticism you won't find behind him - his 4.42 is blazing for safety, and the next two guys, who I have a round later at FS, are Stanford's Ed Reynolds (4.58) and Dion Bailey (4.66), which shows a bit of the dropoff.

The 5'11 isn't a major concern, and as a FS, it's not that he needs to jump up from 200 lbs to 225, which is convenient since he can't.  He has the ability to play against some blocks, and play nearer the line, if requested.  He's an aggressive hitter, but he doesn't wrap, so he's got that part to cover, but he's not a player who's weak in tackling or that simply doesn't have interest in it.

He has instinct against the ball, and before his two year stint as a starting safety, he was a nickel corner.  He has some experience covering the slot at safety, too.

Brooks is the only viable senior FS prospect, and more or less the consensus third after potential first rounders Clinton-Dix and Pryor.  That's valuable, and doesn't hurt his prospects here (where he might have to contribute sooner rather than later). After Brooks, the FS market starts to really dwindle, and it's the one position that the defense still could use a starter (Charles Godfrey is still a guy I'd cut, and with the Achilles I don't know what he can really offer), and otherwise is set for starters (unless you consider nickel corner a starter, and I kinda do).

Brooks seems rated between the 2nd and 3rd, but I don't know if he lasts to the third.  With the team's needs, that's where he'd have to last, however.
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