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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Around The Draft: Pierre Desir

CB Pierre Desir is the latest in line for the 60 prospects I'm
attempting to break down in the 60 days before the NFL draft. The group
ideally comes from guys rated between 25 and 85, preferably at need
positions. I'm two behind at this point and will attempt to catch up a
bit today with at least another one.

So, Desir.

The hard part of breaking down prospects at times is you want to have
some knowledge of the prospect's past with your own eyes. If you're
familiar with Division II Lindenwood (I don't even know if 'college' or
'university' is their preferred moniker), you're far more thorough than
I am. I really have no clue how guys like this get found. I'm learning
about him as I go, right now. I have nothing to add to it, so I'm
really just telling you what I'm learning from reports I trust enough to

Obviously, with a small school prospect, you get various things. I'm
going to generalize, but Desir fits it. Clearly, to get noticed from
that level, he has a physical stature that's NFL ready, and in this
case, you're talking 6'1, 200. He stood out at low levels of
competition. He has natural instincts and has gotten by so far with
mostly his abilities, and needs some coaching.

He ran 4.59 at combine, which isn't exceptional, but the DBs don't run
as fast as the WRs at pretty much any combine and cumulatively you don't
see 30 bombs a game, every game. He has a good chuck, though I'm
reading his natural physicality meant he didn't have to extend into it
at school, so when he had to do that in the Senior Bowl, he struggled
with the quickest guys. Similarly, there's a suggestion that, since he
played man technique in college, that his run fills aren't great because
he stays with his man. It's hard to say, then, if he's as willing a

He appears on first sight as the type of outside corner that Ron Rivera
likes - long, physical - but he's got some technique stuff to work on,
he's not physically as strong or as topped out as he could be, and he'd
have to prove he's a willing run defender. I don't know if I see him
playing the slot role, either.
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