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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Around The Draft: LaMarcus Joyner

The next of 60 prospects I'm detailing in the draft process (60 days, 60
prospects, late first to late third) is Florida State CB Lamarcus
Joyner. I wanted to counterpoint small-school Pierre Desir with a
bigger name prospect with some physical limitations, and Joyner at first
sight is that guy.

He's 5'8. And yeah, we just lost a guy with that height.

That seems to be about where the problems start and end - he's just
short. I see him rated mid-2nd but I feel like he's a guy that will
fall. Just for that reason.

As a football player, Joyner is top notch. He covers well, he hits
hard, he tackles. He's aggressive, and if you don't reign that in, that
can be a bit problematic. But you'll get a guy who goes full speed the
whole time.

Since he has experience inside and outside, and at safety, there's
debate over where he should fit. Not in my opinion - he's a corner, it
just depends on the scheme. In Tampa 2, he's an outside guy, and it's
not that he can't be here, either. He's got physicality to play the
outside, and he tackles the way he needs to tackle. He, you would
assume, can blitz. I see him as a nickelback here because Carolina
only has outside guys. Nickel is one of their two defensive holes right

So, that's where he fits for now. He's a guy who could earn a starting
role like Captain Munnerlyn did. He's going to give you everything the
way that Munnerlyn and Steve Smith did, and he can move around as you
need. I think this is a great fit that I'd love to see in the third.
Some sites have him as high as late 2nd, and that's not undeserved. But
as teams get to him on their board, I do feel like he'll fall because of

Whoever picks him won't regret it. Not that they will with Desir, the
guy I just talked about moments ago, but Joyner seems like a ready out
of the box, plug and play corner.
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