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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Around The Draft, 55?, Jack Mewhort

I'm behind on prospects as I intend to break down 60 guys between the late first and late third for this year's draft.  Starting #4 for the day, I find myself at 54 on day 53.  I will likely pickup any additional ground tomorrow.

Today I provide Jack Mewhort, OT, OSU.  The senior, a captain at Ohio State University under Urban Meyer, is a blue collar tackle that fits Carolina's MO. Starting the final 39 games of his career and playing in all 49, Mewhort has started at all non-center spots, mostly at left tackle (27).

Tough/hardnosed but not dirty as far as I can tell, Mewhort has some tools at his disposal. A 6'6, 310 lb frame that is plenty strong, his 81" wingspan doesn't hurt either - it makes him hard enough to get around.  His feet and his snap instincts are fine, some scouts say he doesn't have the change of direction skills you'd want on the left side.  I don't know if that's against speed rushers or double moves.  Relating to the bull rush, even though Mewhort is traditionally playing a little high, he doesn't lose his leverage and he anchors very well.

Most tend to push Mewhort to the right side.  He's a guy who could be an exceptional guard, as well.  I don't know if you write him completely off at left tackle based on his skill set, and it should matter what side he's more comfortable with.  He's not the exceptionally athletic guy you see as a blue chip, he's the get-it-covered guy you see that's blue collar.

Carolina's needs are clear in that end.  They need a tackle, maybe a second one later.  Mewhorn appears that guy that would be there at 60 who can upgrade both run and pass.  Being a captain and being a well respected guy might or might not erase the public drunkenness/peeing in public/attempting to evade police arrest.
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