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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rookie Review: Edmund Kugbila

The first "who?" pick in this draft for Carolina, Kugbila reminded
everyone of Amini Silatolu. A tiny-school lineman who showed a lot of
athleticism, who could've played for a bigger school if he'd done his
homework, and who had a habit of knocking over opponents (though, also
those opponents were clearly inferior).

Unlike Silatolu, he's gotten no experience actually playing. Like
Silatolu, he's raw (and has a habit of getting hurt).

2013 season performance

Kugbila practiced a day with the ones in minicamp. I can't remember
him providing much in camp at all.

Longterm Prognosis

It's up to him, I guess. The team has a need at RG, and the other
options have all tried and had issues.

The rumors abound on Kugbila's work ethic and conditioning. His
future's there for him - be a potential starting lineman in the NFL, or
jerk us all around waiting.

Until next camp, hard to say what's there. I'll say this, if he
doesn't start showing up at least in practice, they'll replace him.
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