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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rivera, Kuechly Honored

Ron Rivera's your AP Coach of the Year.

Luke Kuechly's your AP Defensive Player of the Year.

No Panther has ever held DPOTY.  Dom Capers won COTY in 1996.

The tandem of coach and linebacker have helped lead each other to greatness, and for now, that's no more personified than with the NFL's highest individual honors for their respective professions.   It's not completely unrealistic to call Kuechly an extension of Rivera on the field, and the two's success have been tied.  This wasn't a Ron Rivera defense, achieving as well as any of his fantastic defenses ever have, without Kuechly.  

And Kuechly, great as his tape was in college, doesn't get this good in the pros without Ron Rivera.

It makes sense they were honored almost simultaneously.  You almost sense they could swap roles and be passable at it.

Nonetheless, for being the best at their craft, both Panthers are honored tonight and for the year to come. Congrats.
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