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Friday, February 28, 2014

Graham Gano Signs

Carolina has inked placekicker Graham Gano to a 4 year, $12.4 million

The first signing of the 2014 season, Gano's signing ensures stability
on special teams, where he was a top notch kicker with long range, and
one of the best on kickoffs. A 2009 undrafted, Gano was a midseason
2012 pickup who found his consistency in 2013.

The $3.1 million a year average puts Gano 9th in the league in average

So - and this is said without sarcasm, a rare event so you may want to
enjoy it - at least Carolina has special teams wrapped up for a while.
They have all but a full rebuild to do at 4 OL spots, up to 4 DB spots,
at least two of the top 3 WR spots just to have a shot at getting back
to where they were, along with a massive deal to give out to Cam Newton
and possibly Greg Hardy (and if not, replacing him).
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