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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dave Gettleman, On Air

It's impossible to truly glean intentions from a radio interview, but Dave Gettleman's a good listen.

So, here goes:

*Gettleman likes to read the market.  He gets praise for the one year deals, and when he says it's not ideal, it reminds you that he did what he had to do, maybe not as much what he wanted to do.  Lots of guys on that team last year, that signed for one, were guys he wanted for three.  Captain Munnerlyn, Mike Mitchell (I believe).

Either way, he's going to value players, and try to get the guys who match that value.  Not everything will go exactly as Carolina might hope, and he might have to put more money on those 2, 3 year deals to get them done, but hopefully he lands more of those.

*Colin Cole might return more easily than I'd have figured.  Sure, he started, but the team also seemed to like playing Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short together.   You'd figure that the 4th best DT wouldn't be worth the $800,000+ that he cost, but Dwan Edwards wasn't that impactful (a dropoff to 3 sacks, and not starting, means he was somewhat a situational rusher on a team with a situational rushing rookie and two ends that can rush inside).   Cole played the fewest snaps of the 4 DTs, but he did start, and he's the situational runstopper.  He lets Star play 3-tech in base, which is a luxury not a lot of teams have (versatility in your other nose tackle, or more explicitly a 325 lb earth mover who can rush well from the 3-tech).

So it makes you wonder whether Edwards, at a $1.4 million or so savings, might not go instead.  Cole's salary would erase at least half of that, but  there would still be a savings.

*You could argue his statement about "6 rookies" playing defense means he might push a little more toward DBs coming in the draft.  Obviously most of the DBs that played this year, free agents, are vets.

*Relatedly, he likes the OL coaches for the same situations (Nate Chandler for instance), and I certainly don't believe it's as likely new players will be free agents.

*He mentions some young guys (Marvin McNutt, Travares King, Travis Bond) that are "2014 draft picks".  Awesome, but I wouldn't worry about those guys lessening what happens at those positions.

*It'll be interesting to see what happens on the Cam contract.  Absolutely, it's cheaper in '14 to not sign Newton. It's not likely to be less expensive in '15.  On the other end, prices won't end up less expensive by then.

*That mention of the Panther schedule could and likely will mean more than just for Cam or Hardy.  Gettleman's a guy who goes for the bargain deals.  You can expect at least 2 weeks, and there were three weeks last year, before anything really happens in free agency.

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