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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cap Space: A Battle Ground

As usual, no one knows where Carolina sits, regarding the salary cap.

The knowns: they saved about $7.25 million on restructures for Davis,
Kalil. There's at least $2 million on top of that, from a cap
adjustment that appears to have it sitting at $132 million instead of

But with that, there's a couple of factions in this deal. Some of the
media is following and saying that the Panthers are
sitting at $20 million, not $30 (adjusted upward from the $28 million

I don't think they know. And while OverTheCap does independent analysis,
and therefore their work might be more traceable than's, it's
also unlikely that they've accounted for anything that the Panthers will
carry from 2013 in cap space.

So it might be that both sides are individually talking the same thing,
to a point. They might "currently" have less than ESPN says because
they haven't carried over any money. But they're expected to do so.

So, they may as well be shooting at numbers at a dart board at this
point. But, Carolina, at minimum, has roughly $9.25 million more than
they had at the start of the week, and if they make a move soon on
Charles Godfrey, will increase that between $2.1 and $5.1 million.
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