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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BLESTO: More Change?

Dave Gettleman, per the Charlotte Observer, is finally making a change
or two to the front office.

It's not what I've hoped for, but it's a process.

The Panthers now use the scouting co-op BLESTO, instead of National
Scouting, to form the start of their college scouting work.

In both co-ops, a team will assign a scout to the service. The service
coordinates scouting reports on prospects, which are then reported back
to the member teams. The way each team deals with the information is,
of course, proprietary information. Most teams use their least
experienced scout so as to not give up any unnecessary information.

The move is a minor one. The Giants used BLESTO, Gettleman's aligning
with what he knows. What does it mean? Nothing, essentially.

Gettleman's finally feeling at home, and hopefully he'll get around to
a greater extension of the scouting staff. He's reportedly added one
pro scout, a good start, and I'd implore him to keep pushing on that.
The team has an allright-sized staff, but compared to the Giants,
there's just not as much.

The Giants have a similar pair of pro/college scouting directors (Marc
Ross, notably, is now a VP of player evaluation), but also have an
assistant GM, an assistant Pro Personnel guy, and 10 full time scouts.
I don't see one on hand now, but I remember them rostering a

Gettleman doesn't need to do everything The Giant Way, certainly. I do
think that he's light on his own guys, and he's been careful to not let
anyone go. So why not add a job here or there? Picking up an extra Pro
Personnel guy or adding an assistant GM would be a great way to expand
the existing staff, at a reasonable price.
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