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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, The Offseason, Then?

The wound of the 9ers' loss still festers, and it will. I don't think
I'll find peace in this game ever. I feel kinda wronged. I hope the
team trains all offseason with that bad taste in their mouths.

But, now we look at the next steps.

Dave Gettleman starts out with $17 million in cap space, which sounds
great. Problem is, I can't see a way the team does anything with it,
outside of re-signing Greg Hardy and Cam Newton. I have mock contracts
assumed for both guys (I'm assuming Hardy gets $11 million, Cam $17
million, per year) and they take up so much space that there isn't much
left (and then you have to have about $3 million for draft picks to come
up with, as a quick estimate).

In my opinion, you have to return Travelle Wharton and Jordan Gross -
you can find tons of press right now talking about Gross' good year and
need to have him back, but Wharton was a big part of it, too. I believe
you have to bring back Hardy, and get Cam's contract done sooner rather
than later. I believe you have to bring back Captain Munnerlyn, but
after that I'm flexible in the defensive secondary.

I'll throw other stuff out there in the very near future on this stuff
- with a lot more detail on potential contracts, draft picks, free
agents - so stick around.
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