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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lovie Smith Hired In Tampa

Lovie Smith is the next head coach of the Buccaneers.

There's also the strong possibility, as I'd posted before, about Jeff Tedford, but nothing's announced.  Depending on the source, Leslie Frazier is the DC, or Rod Marinelli is the DC.  So, either way, Smith is doggedly tied to the Tampa 2.

Which, be my guest.  Run the Tampa 2.  You have Darelle Revis, a man corner who has more limited value in zone, and a box safety in Mark Barron that isn't useful outside the box; also, Dashon Goldson underwhelming you behind it.  Again, be my guest.  I'm not scared of that.

I do hope Smith can't land both Frazier and Marinelli, as Frazier as a position coach would be a 'get' for Smith.  Both Smith and Frazier have ties to Ron Rivera, so that would remain interesting between them.

Smith, who has a .538 record as a head coach, would bring solid defense and good fundamentals.  But even if it were a top scheme still, the Tampa 2 doesn't fit his defense.  His offenses have traditionally underwhelmed, playing conservatively and playing to the defense's strengths, not their own.

And his record against winning teams is 19-38.

Smith will, I assume, build a strong enough staff, and contend.  He'll probably make the playoffs there now and again.  But while that makes games against them tough from here on, I don't know if I'd worry they're contenders year in and year out like the Saints (until Drew Brees is finally too old - he's currently 34 but I'm willing to bet we see four more years of him) or Falcons (who will remain flawed but fix enough to get back to contention next year).

It'll be a tough division.  It has been a tough division.  Ron Rivera does well against teams where he has a personal stake, so hopefully that helps here.
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