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Friday, January 3, 2014

Hardy DPOW; Nortman STPOW

Greg Hardy, as you might expect after four sacks, is NFC Defensive
Player of the Week. It's his second, and the defense's fifth. Hardy
earned his first for a 3 sack performance against the Giants. Luke
Kuechly was for weeks 10 and 16 (so, the team brought in consecutive
weeks), and Thomas Davis landed week 6. Davis was also player of the
month for November

Novorro Bowman was player of the month, I guess since the 8 sacks for
Hardy and 68 tackles/INT for Kuechly in the month canceled each other
out. It's not like they weren't both impressive.

It's nice to see Brad Nortman finally get respect, though. The 2nd
year punter, whose struggles last year were fairly well documented, has
been doing an excellent job out there this year, and received NFC
Special Teams Player of the Month. Nortman's consistency has been a
major benefit this year. His massive leg has always been there, it's
just being put to better use. It's what you want to see of any team
with a good defense, and absolutely what you'd want to see when you burn
a draft pick on a punter.
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