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Friday, January 17, 2014

Coaching, Scouting Staff Staying Intact

Despite my want for GM Dave Gettleman* to alter or bolster the front
office, it appears it's not in the cards. Gettleman's first offseason
press conference made reference, just as he was hired, that he was
keeping things intact.

There's nothing "wrong" with that, it makes his job feel somewhat more
temporary than you might want, though I don't have a reason to feel that
way. Even without letting anyone go, and there's no reason to feel like
the staff is subpar, I would want expansion.

I'll save the long diatribe about how the team spends around $5 million
to scout for an annual roster of $130 million. But there's room to
grow. Specifically, I believe in more pro scouting. It's something
most teams under-value because there are scouts that do nothing but
present game tape (quality control guys), and essentially every coach
and most players should be studying opponents.

But from a free agency perspective, I believe in as much knowledge as
possible. And from a regular season perspective, I believe in even
more. I believe in having a scout assigned to each division opponent,
as half of their regular season duty including a rotation of the
upcoming games.

I'd be in favor of using a former coach as a schematic analyst, not
unlike the way Brad Childress is Andy Reid's "Spread Game Analyst".
That'd be a heck of a job - interface occasionally with the college
game's top spread guys (Gus Malzahn, Dana Holgorsen as the innovators,
and guys like Kevin Sumlin as the successful, standardizing guys), deal
occasionally with a consultant like Chris Ault of pistol fame. Study
other teams to get a full understanding of why they do what they do,
somewhat covertly.

And again, I believe in advanced statistics, and while Rob Rodgers as
an in-staff option makes some sense, I'd bolster that guy with a group
of analysts, maybe including a guy or two from outside the game of

So while the coaching staff (yes, Chudzinski, I'll keep beating that
drum) won't see anything new or extra, and the scouting staff won't
either, I do believe in that. I do wish we'd do that. More information
is always better.

*I'd call it officially time to stop saying "new GM Dave Gettleman"
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