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Friday, January 17, 2014

Chudzinski - Still Out There

All head coaching jobs seem filled excluding the Browns, barring
something more nutty like a Dallas or Oakland change.

And, likewise, there are only a few jobs open for OC. The Ravens
haven't hired an OC, and their outgoing OC Jim Caldwell hasn't hired in
Detroit. I wouldn't expect Chudzinski in either role, and I wouldn't
expect anything amazing out of either hire (it seems that Caldwell is
looking to hire Jim Tressel, which won't make him especially popular in
Michigan, and Baltimore might pull Jim Zorn which is really uninspired).

There wouldn't seem to be much space for Chudzinski in Norv Turner's
offensive staff in Minnesota, either. There's no link between Mike
Zimmer and Chud, and I'd be willing to bet most of Chud's Browns staff
on offense goes with Turner. Nothing's been announced but I can't see
a way that his kid, Scott, doesn't become WRs coach at the least,

For the moment, it appears that Chudzinski's mad scientist offensive
work will go on the shelf for a year.

For what it's worth, I could think of worse things to do than be paid a
handsome fee to not coach. Of course, he gets paid whether he stays in
the game or not, and I believe he'll want to be doing something -

I don't know if the door is open to him helping out in any form in
Carolina, but I'd be open to it if he were. I wouldn't expect it, there
aren't any jobs open in Carolina and Chudzinski wasn't exactly the most
popular guy from a leadership standpoint.

They'd have to find some special role for Chudzinski, on a staff that
doesn't have a job to offer. Chudzinski's only ever coached TEs, and I
like what Pete Hoener's brought.

Carolina won't fire Mike Shula, and they shouldn't. Shula's very
conservative, and the team finished 18th in points last year - not good
enough. They also finished 18th in points with 2012's high flying
offense under Chudzinski. And I do credit Shula as much as Chud for the
growth of Cam Newton. But, it'd be nice if it did work out that way,
somehow. Having both guys, especially having the cagy Chud as advisor
to the more stable Shula, might be the best possible formula.

Again, don't expect it. It looks like Chud's on the couch for the
year. But it couldn't hurt to ask.
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