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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BCS Bowl Game – Super Geeking About Football

I watch enough college game to look at prospects I want to see, so I
can be knowledgeable enough to have some clue of the draft, and I try
not to get too wrapped up in prospects that do well in bowl games or on
dynasties (looking at you, overhyped Alabama players).

So, watching the title game last night, I tried enhancing with twitter
a bit, saw that there was more than the one telecast. Which on its own
is awesome, but they had one tailored more toward me.

I've drowned out a bit on this site in scheme, coaching, and so on.
It's what I like as much as anything, it's what gives a team identity,
it's the blueprint. So when I saw there was a broadcast version called
Film Room, that was the best possible way to watch the ballgame.
Nothing but coaches (and Matt Millen shoehorned in there so there'd be a
little less dead air), and not chump coaches either. Kevin Sumlin and
Paul Chryst, two of my favorite college coaches, along with BC's Steve
Addazio. I'm more or less ambivanent about Chris Spielman in there, and
wasn't familiar with Tom Luginbill, but still - there was so much more

It was a little harder to see the action, but I'd get used to it.
There were numerous calls of what to look for, what to expect,
highlighted by the three coaches calling the fake punt coming before it
happened. Fantastic.

I earnestly hope that the Megacast is the way of the future. I would
absolutely pay the NFL some nominal fee to have access to my game, but
without having to hear the same tired announcers. I'd gladly hear what
coaches had to say around other coaches instead of playing to the camera
- a la Jon Gruden. It's amazing how much more quality comes out of
Gruden's mouth when he has time to talk about football than when he's
just heaping praise on whoever just did something nominal on the field.

Doesn't have to be the top coaches or current NFL coaches. It could
be personable coordinators at times - a great role for Dan Henning, for
instance, or guys like Al Saunders when they eventually retire. Mike
Martz and Brian Billick are two guys who are making money on TV and
being completely wasted in their roles as mediocre color commentators.
It'd be a better use of the sagging, monstrous roster of 'talent' that
ESPN and the networks continually shove in our faces, except there'd be
some merit to it.

Now, I'd no rather hear Keyshawn Johnson talk about coverages than
anything else, it's not a name recognition thing. It's not a star power
thing, or a scream over top of each other thing like ESPN talk shows.
It's about the game. There are the traditional option, for those that
like it the old way. There's the party atmosphere of whatever the
middle option was, if you're dying to see Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow
show up and say words. Either way, I'd listen to coaches talk about
actual football in real time for about 9 hours a day before I'd get
tired of it.
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