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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Around the League - Let's hire some coaches

I'm fascinated by coaching moves.  Sorry in advance, skip if you need.

I don't get the big deal with Bill O'Brien. Allright coach?  Sure, I guess.  Is he the most deserving guy?  Not high on my list, but apparently when the new jobs opened up, O'Brien was a priority.  Sought by potentially others, or at least he has a great agent who makes up nonsense.  At the least, to his benefit, Wade Phillips appears willing to stay, which would save his bacon.

Still odd Cleveland axed Chudzinski, but it doesn't look like they're doing any better now.  Rumors abound from Josh McDaniels, which seems like a bad idea but they've employed mostly former Pats guys for the better part of the decade, to Jim Schwartz.   I've heard everything from Charlie Strong (very interesting) to  Gus Malzahn (fair enough I guess) to Vandy's James Franklin (weird), and apparently Mark D'Antonio (ehh) in Cleveland.  Depending on who you ask, of course.

Malzahn is, at least, interesting.  Schwartz is decent on paper.

The Redskins will apparently interview Jim Caldwell, Perry Fewell, our own Sean McDermott, Seattle coordinator Darrell Bevell and potentially his counterpart, Dan Quinn, who will interview with the Vikings and Browns (whose private plane pilot better have gotten a great bonus).

So, on the upside the Redskins will interview enough people that the Sean McDermott fiasco won't end with an immediate hire, not that he'd leave before the season's completed.   I imagine that the 49ers (Greg Roman) and Bengals (Mike Zimmer, Jay Gruden) aren't yet represented as they don't have a bye.

Tampa will probably go through the motions before inking Lovie Smith.

Two guys I'd prefer to have to most of that list, David Shaw and Kevin Sumlin, aren't leaving. Disappointing, I guess.
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