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Sunday, December 15, 2013

v/s Jets, Pregame

Not a lot I intend to cover this week - you have two good run defenses facing two teams that like to run, and that puts pressure on the two young quarterbacks.  Cam Newton is better than Geno Smith, and Carolina's pass D is better than New York's.  It's a home game, and hopefully more a reset game than anything else, because they'll need to regain composure for the stretch run.

Newton has been up and down over the last two months when expected to do it all himself, but Smith has struggled mightily to do the same and is a turnover machine. Anything that wasn't cleaned up by the Carolina secondary from last week, or any mismatch that New York might put together, could be masked by Smith's massive amount of rookie mistakes.

While Carolina has struggled at times in the back end, it's also come partially at a schematic ideal of keeping the deep pass contained.  NY has issues from front to back - where its top notch front three are obviously up to the task and their ILBs are just fine for run stopping (280 lb OLB Quenton Coples is obviously fine for run and rush as well) - but none of them are good for the pass. Of the four, Calvin Pace grades out best against the pass, and that's potentially because of smaller sample size than the ILBs.

So, it's a good week to get the backs upfield a bit in the passing game, if all else fails. Limit mistakes, execute, and so on.

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